Moving Inland
The Scene is Set: Ubaid
The Sumerians
Eridu to Uruk
     From Horticulture to Agriculture
Wealth, Status and War
     The Goddess in Transition
Nammu: The Sumerian Great Mother
Transcendent to Anthropomorphic
The Underworld: Ereshkigal

Ongoing Research

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  The Advent of Agriculture

Sumer: The scene is set - Ubaid

..."I lived in the Marshes of Southern Iraq from the end of 1951 until June 1958...I spent these years in the Marshes because I enjoyed being there...Soon the Marshes will probably be drained; when this happens, a way of life that has lasted for thousands of years will disappear."
The Marsh Arabs, Wilfred Thesiger,1964

Marsh Arab floating village

Marsh Arabs This image of a Marsh Arab floating village of reed houses is from a web site called "Laputan Logic" which describes itself as "Fanciful. Preposterous. Absurd." Posted January, 2007. It contains many interesting stories and images of the Marsh Arabs, including detailed pictures of exteriors and interiors of the reed houses. A link at the bottom of the page takes you to a second page that discusses the recent history. Visit the site.