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Life After Death

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Cave Burial
Image credit: Karen Carr, Smithsonian Magazine.

The Skeletons of Shanidar Cave A rare cache of hominid fossils from the Kurdistan area of northern Iraq offers a window on Neanderthal culture. By Owen Edwards, Smithsonian Magazine, March 2010. Read more:

A wealth of additional information regarding this cave burial site, discovered by Ralph Solecki in 1951, as well as more images, can be found on a website entitled Cave Dwelling of Shanidar. Different layers in the cave indicate that it was used by proto-Neolithic peoples as well. In fact, it was still being used as a seasonal dwelling when he discovered it.

"Solecki noted the richness of the goods buried with infants and young children suggested that the parents lavished much affection of their young. The people of that time would also have had to believe in an after-life for otherwise there would be no reason to bury articles with the dead. Choosing to create a cemetery at the rear of the cave has its own implications." Visit the website.