Moving Inland
The Legacy
The Enlightenment and Literate Women
     Capitalism: an Unlikely Ally
The Radical Sixties and Vietnam
Goddess and Spirituality Re-united
The Patriarchy Strikes Back
The Return of the Earth Mother
Reconciling Spirituality and Science

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  Turning the Tide

The Patriarchy Strikes Back

Review "The Patriarchy Strikes Back".

Now that you have read the Çhatal Hoyuk chapter, and the subsequent chapters that talk about matriarchy versus patriarchy, here is an interesting exercise for you:

Tuareg womanThis article, with the cumbersome title Sex and the Sahara: Striking photographs of the mysterious Islamic tribe where women embrace sexual freedoms, dictate who gets what in divorce and don't wear the veil because men 'want to see their beautiful faces' by Flora Drury, was posted on The Daily Mail' Mail Online page in June, 2015.

The article provides a number of details about the lives of the Tuareg people and some compelling photos, including this stunning one by Geroge Steinmetz/Corbis (significantly reduced here).

Read all the details and examine the photos, then think about this conclusion stated in the article: "But this is not a matriarchal society, where the women are in charge." What does this conclusion tell you about the writer of the article? Read the article...