Moving Inland
The Scene is Set: Ubaid
The Sumerians
Eridu to Uruk
     From Horticulture to Agriculture
Wealth, Status and War
     The Goddess in Transition
Nammu: The Sumerian Great Mother
Transcendent to Anthropomorphic
The Underworld: Ereshkigal

Ongoing Research

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  The Advent of Agriculture

Sumer: Eridu to Uruk

The seven mounds of Eridu

This image, reduced to fit our page, comes from a six page article on The Britsh Museum web site called Eridu visit and photos, posted June 2008. "In Sumerian literature Eridu is claimed as one of the most ancient cities in Mesopotamia, said to antedate the mythical Flood and to be the first city to hold kingship. Eighteen successive levels of mud brick temple architecture, dating from the Early Ubaid to the Late Uruk periods, were exposed during the 1940s excavations on Mound 1; the painted pottery recovered provided the basis for the fourfold division of the Ubaid period. An extensive Ubaid period cemetery was also excavated. The remains of a ziggurat of the Ur III period dominate the centre of the mound..." Visit the site to read more.

Uruk : The World's First Big City. Khan Academy, a free educational site, has an informative article and pictures about Uruk. Visit the site...

Artist conception of Uruk

Uruk visualisation project. This beautiful artist conception of Uruk, showing a procession to the temple on the ziggurat, comes from Artefacts Scientific Illustration and Archaeological Reconstruction. The image has been reduced to fit our page. Visit the Artefacts site to see an enlarged version.