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Ongoing Research

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  Ongoing Research

An Important Clarification

‘Patriarchy’ is NOT a synonym for ‘men’.

The patriarchy is a SYSTEM, a pyramidal, hierarchical system in which everything benefits the powerful 1% at the top. The other 99% are merely a support system for those in control. Low wage workers, drafted soldiers and so on can be sacrificed to support the 1%. Women and children have even lower status than men in this system, so they suffer most, but men also suffer under the patriarchy.

We have attempted to define 'matriarchy' as a system that would be opposite to that. This does NOT merely mean putting women in charge! It means having an egalitarian team of women and men in charge of a system wherein all actions are taken with a view to making things better for future generations.

Is that an impossible, Utopian ideal with a somewhat confusing name? Possibly. But the goal is worth striving for.

The Journey Continues

The authors of Why Men Made God continue to study new information as it comes to light and to research the findings of others.

When new evidence contradicts or elaborates on statements made in the book, the updated information will be presented here. (You may even detect a hint about how the authors feel concerning the new information.)