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The Red Lady of Paviland

Review "Caves and Wombs: The Red Lady of Paviland".

Goat's Hole Cave

Paviland Cave (Goat's Hole) and the Red Lady of Paviland We found this article on the Explore Gower website. "Paviland is now recognised as an exceptional archaeological site and, given the rather grand nature of his internment, the "Red Lady" is considered to have been a very important man amongst his people. It is believed that the "Red Lady's" grave was visited as a magical Shamanic site and attracted visitors from far afield. A person of significance during his life, his fame also continues after his death - his being one of the oldest dated modern human remains discovered in the United Kingdom and the oldest known ceremonial burial found in Western Europe." Read the entire article.

Burial of the Red Lady of Paviland

Battle for the Red Lady of Paviland: Welsh politician asks Oxford University to return 30,000-year-old skeleton to its homeland.
  • The Red Lady of Paviland is actually the skeleton of a man and got its name as it was dyed in red ochre, giving its bones the unusual colour
  • It is the oldest ceremonial burial of a human discovered in Western Europe
The article contains more pictures, a map showing the location of the cave and other information. Read more.