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Religious Cults Everywhere

Review "The Proliferation of Deity".

In Polytheism in the Bible, on the Patheos website, February 2013, Bob Seidensticker talks about some of the biblical references to polytheism. The article contains many examples and includes links to more information. Read the article.

Psyche Received on Olympus. This detail of a fresco by Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino) in 1517, depicts many (but certainly not all) of the Greek deities.

Psyche Received on Olympus

Egyptian deities

This image of Egyptian deities shows the various attributes and headdresses that allow us to identify them. You can see Horus and Set on the left, and Isis/Aset on the far right, next to Osiris.

And the image below, from a web page called Pendragons: Fisher Kings, Camelot and Grail Legends, may illustrate some of the Celtic deities.

possibly Celtic deities