Moving Inland
The Legacy
The Enlightenment and Literate Women
     Capitalism: an Unlikely Ally
The Radical Sixties and Vietnam
Goddess and Spirituality Re-united
The Patriarchy Strikes Back
The Return of the Earth Mother
Reconciling Spirituality and Science

Ongoing Research

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  Turning the Tide

Reconciling Spirituality and Science

Now that you have read Why Men Made God, at least as far as this point, we invite you to watch a YouTube video (approximately one hour long) and see how you feel about what you are seeing.

New Documentaries 2015 - "Questioning Darwin" (Full Documentary 2014) posted by Japan Documentaries.

And, for something lighter, here is a short video posted by Kurz Gesta - in a nutshell, in May, 2015, that explains the Fermi Paradox: