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Mount Toba

Super Volcano

This documentary will give you a good idea what the Mount Toba eruption might have been like. Supervolcano: Yellowstone’s Fury Televised February 7, 20`5 on CBC-TV. View the documentary.

Toba: The Toba Super-eruption. The Toba super-volcano has erupted explosively a number of times over the past 1.2 million years. By far the largest and most destructive of these occurred around 74,000 years ago. At least 2800 cubic kilometres of volcanic material was ejected during this super-eruption, dwarfing historical eruptions such as Krakatoa and Pinatubo.

Biggest Volcanic Eruption Ever in the World - Supervolcano. This documentary film (approximately 2 hours long) discusses both Toba and Yellowstone:

Lake Toba Click to see on Google Maps
The Mount Toba caldera is now a lake, 100 km. long and 30 km. wide.
This image was found at: Book of Research. Scroll down the page for details about this volcano.

The image below shows how the caldera lake might have formed.
Learn more from the Wikepedia article: Supervolcanos. Supervolcao caldera