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A New World Order

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"The Earth and we who live here are literally stardust, and that stardust is everywhere. Life is the product of chemical processes that might exist wherever the conditions are right, and there is now a science of astrobiology dedicated to the study of life on other planets. Today that science estimates that there may be more than 100 billion potentially life-bearing planets in our galaxy alone, and there are about 500 billion other galaxies in the universe. It is not mere anthropocentricity to imagine that we are the only sentient beings within all of that; it is a conceit of delusional proportions!" (quoted from Why Men Made God)

How did life begin here on Earth? Origins Nova has created an entertaining and informative video to explain what we know so far about this fascinating subject. Watch "How Life Began" hosted by Neil Degrasse Tyson.

The Christian right is losing women: Why more and more are embracing non-belief. Amanda Marcotte, May 2015. Richard Dawkins Foundation. Read the article... Journalist Amanda Marcotte looks at surveys showing how women are leaving the church even more quickly than men. Women tend to be more liberal than men, so given the conservative approach to so many issues important to women, it’s hardly surprising so many would feel alienated from much of patriarchal religious belief.