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  Tomorrow and The Day After

Survival goes to the most adaptive, not the strongest

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It’s official: scientists say we're entering Earth's sixth mass extinction And humans may struggle to survive it. by Fiona MacDonald, June 2015, Science Alert. "[The study] shows without any significant doubt that we are now entering the sixth great mass extinction event," one of the researchers, Paul Ehrlich from Stanford University in the US, said in a press release. Even worse, the research shows that we triggered the event ourselves. Read the article...

Video published by Stanford University, June 2015.

In The Annihilation of Nature, three of today’s most distinguished conservationists tell the stories of the birds and mammals we have lost and those that are now on the road to extinction. These tragic tales, coupled with eighty-three color photographs from the world’s leading nature photographers, display the beauty and biodiversity that humans are squandering.