Moving Inland
Ba'al's Challenge
Obedience and Redemption
Resurrection Cycle: descent and ascent
Winners and Losers
     Birth of Christianity
Isolation and Invasion
Hellenistic influence
Two Testaments: two views

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  Patriarchal Monotheism

Two Testaments: two views

Review "Two Testaments: two views".

Jesus of Nazareth: Lord or Legend? Vacation Bible School #1 by Linda LaScola, July 2015, Rational Doubt (with voices from the clergy project), on the web site.

Clergy Project Co-Founder and member, Dan Barker starts off Vacation Bible School 2015 with this opening statement he made in a recent debate in Dallas with pastor Justin Bass:
There could not have been a “Jesus of Nazareth.” Nazareth did not exist during the time of Jesus. The earliest occupation of the city of Nazareth was around 100 AD, maybe as early as the destruction of the temple around 70 AD. The phrase “Jesus of Nazareth” is an anachronism, a mistake that the later Christian writers didn’t know they were making, probably confusing the sect of “Nazarenes” with the later city of “Nazareth.”

The article goes on to discuss many other popular ideas and misconceptions.

Cesare Borgia nd Jesus How Did Jesus Get to be So Hot? Where Popular Images of Jesus Actually Came From

This article by psychologist Valerie Tarico asks some interesting questions about the appearance of Jesus. Read the article.

The 'Jesus of History' - Memory or Myth? Published Sept.21, 2012.
"Historians and theologians have postulated a 'Jesus of history' in a hundred guises, many mutually exclusive and all assembled from the inadequate testimony of the gospel stories. But there is a simpler truth: the gospels record not a fragmentary memory of a man but a much redacted fable."