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  Moving Inland

Folk Memory: the beginning of mythology

A VERY BRIEF HISTORY OF STORYTELLING posted on February 28, 2012 on The Big Fish Blog talks about the importance of storytelling. Read the article.

Collective Memory of the Prehistoric Past and the Archaeological Landscape
This article, from the Digital Commons of the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, by Cynthia J. Wiley, talks about the intersection between oral history and archaeology.
In the Abstract it says: "Archaeologists must build on this foundation to create a methodology that will allow us to systematically examine oral tradition and incorporate it into interpretations." Read the entire article.

Native American Oral traditions tell of tsunami's destruction hundreds of years ago This article, from the Oregon Department of Geology and Mining Industries, talks about the importance of considering oral traditions in understanding geology. "These stories just bristle with information," said Ruth Ludwin, a seismologist at the University of Washington." ... "It's not trivial information," Ludwin said. Once you dig deep enough and begin to understand the patterns and symbols conveyed by the words and sentence structures, she said, an astonishing amount of descriptive data begins to emerge." Read the article.