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Human Nature

Review "Human Nature".

"In 1986, the United Nations sponsored the International Year of Peace and as part of that, commissioned a study by a group of leading scientists. Their report, which became known as the Seville Statement, makes the following propositions:
  • It is scientifically incorrect to say that we have inherited a tendency to make war from our animal ancestors.
  • It is scientifically incorrect to say that war or any other violent behaviour is genetically programmed into our human nature.
  • It is scientifically incorrect to say that in the course of human evolution there has been a selection for aggressive behaviour more than for other kinds of behaviour.
  • It is scientifically incorrect to say that humans have a‘violent brain’.
  • It is scientifically incorrect to say that war is caused by ‘instinct’ or any single motivation.
The Statement concludes: ‘We are not condemned to war and violence because of our biology...War was invented. (Our italics.)

These assertions have been repeatedly confirmed by more recent research which supports the proposition that people are naturally co-operative and peaceful." ~ from Why Men Made God, page 260.

See more about the Seville Statement on the Peace Pledge Union website.

See what Jerry Coyne actually thinks about Evolutionary Psychology in this more nuanced blog post...

Stress, Portrait of a Killer - Full Documentary (2008)
Embedded in this video is the tale about Sapolsky and his work with the baboons. It is all tied together with stress related to one's position in the heirarchy. The video is very closely related to our discussion of the patriarchy - its benefits for those at the top, and its effect on everyone else. The part about the elimination of the alpha males is around 44:20.