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From Nomad to Settler: Ain Ghazal

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Ain Ghazal figure with two heads  Ain Ghazal burial

These images come from Invoking the Spirit: Prehistoric Religion at Ain Ghazal by Gary O. Rollefson, 1998. "We learn about the inhabitants’ religious or spiritual concerns from figurines and from burials. Among the most intriguing finds from this period are more than 200 figurines, about 2.5 inches in length and made of clay or plaster. ... The more than 30 human figurines we recovered had several peculiarities. Almost none had both head and body; there were either bodiless heads or headless bodies. This practice is attested not only at Ain Ghazal but also at other sites in the southern Levant."

You can watch a 40 minute lecture by Dr. Gary Rollefson to learn more about this region and time period.

This historical visualization comes from "Neolithic Ain Ghazal in Jordan". Read the article...

Ain Ghazal Historic Visualization