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The Scene is Set: Ubaid
The Sumerians
Eridu to Uruk
     From Horticulture to Agriculture
Wealth, Status and War
     The Goddess in Transition
Nammu: The Sumerian Great Mother
Transcendent to Anthropomorphic
The Underworld: Ereshkigal

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  The Advent of Agriculture

Wealth, Status and War

Review "Wealth, Status and War".

Babylonian marriage market

Love, Sex and Marriage in Ancient Mesopotamia, by Joshua J. Marke, May 2014, in Ancient History Encyclopaedia. In the segment entitled The Business of Marriage, we found this image of a Babylonian marriage market, and the following quote from Herodotus: "Once a year in each village the young women eligible to marry were collected all together in one place; while the men stood around them in a circle. Then a herald called up the young women one by one and offered them for sale. He began with the most beautiful. When she was sold for a high price, he offered for sale the one who ranked next in beauty.... This was the best of all their customs but it has now fallen into disuse." (Histories I: 196) Read the entire article.

One is moved to wonder if this is the source of our modern beauty pageants. Chilling thought.