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It Was Always About Sex

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Women changing last nameIt Doesn’t Matter If Women Change Their Names When They Marry, It Matters If Men Do by Soraya Chemaly, July 2015.
Girls and women are still under tremendous pressure to define themselves and their public identities relationally, in ways that men aren’t.

Male attitudes even in modern times have not changed much. "As one so pointedly put it, even “hyphenation is a direct 'f*ck you' to a man’s masculinity… it elevates his father-in-law’s manhood over his own.”

A name, the first gift any human being is given, a “symbol of one’s self,” is important. If people claiming they believe in gender equality want meaningful symbols, then they should be egalitarian about creating them. As Jill Filipovic explained several years ago, when girls and women “see our names as temporary or not really ours…that impacts our perception of ourselves and our role in the world. It lessens the belief that our existence is valuable unto itself, and that as individuals we are already whole.”
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Six years after the 2005 overhaul of this classic guide to women’s health, the 2011 edition focuses on what Our Bodies, Ourselves does best: provide information on women’s reproductive health and sexuality; practical information on how find and access health information; and resources, stories, and information to educate women about health care injustices and inspire them to work collectively to address them.