The first Goddess
     What Makes Us Human
Telling Time
The Menopause
Division of Tasks
Choosing to Create Life
     Shamanism and Revelation
     Sex, Sexuality and Social Structure
Contemporary Examples
Moving Inland

Ongoing Research

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  The Foragers

Sex, Sexuality and Social Structure - Contemporary Examples

Foragers In the Introduction to the Hunter-Gatherers, P. F. Getty says: "There is much to be learned from hunter-gatherers, and much of it is surprising. Hunter-gatherers lived in egalitarian societies, in which everyone, male and female and old and young, were treated as equals." Read more.
Isolated: the Zo'e Tribe

From the Top Documentary Films website: Isolated: The Zo'é Tribe This amazing documentary film will allow you to see the life of the Zo'e hunter-gatherers.

Watch the documentary below: