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  The Devolution of the Goddess

Temple Life

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The City (Uruk) Districts & Gods by Joshua J Mark, April 2011, Ancient History Encyclopedia. "The city was divided into two sections, the Eanna District and the older Anu District, named for, and dedicated to, the goddess Inanna and her grand-father-god Anu, respectively. The famous Mask of Warka (also known as `The Lady of Uruk’) a sculpted marble female face found at Uruk, is considered a likeness of Inanna and was most likely part of a larger work from one of the temples in her district." Read more...

Mask of Warka The Mask of Warka is among the antiquities recovered from the theft of treasures from the Iraq National Museum. The mask is 5,000 years old and is the oldest human face carved in stone.

This image of the mask was found in Mission becomes battle for treasure, an article by Ms. Kari Hawkins (Redstone), February 2012, on the website, the official homepage of the United States Army. Read the article...

The Mask of Warka (from Wikipedia) "The Mask of Warka was discovered on 22 February 1939 by the expedition of the German Archaeological Institute, led by Dr A. Nöldeke, in the city of Uruk south of modern Baghdad. The Mask was found in the Eanna (or Ianna) district of the city — so named for the goddess Inanna to whom the temples are dedicated." This article provides a detailed description of the mask. It also tells of the looting and later recovery of the mask. Read more...