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     The Patriarchy’s Greatest Fear

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  The Emerging Patriarchy

The Patriarchy’s Greatest Fear

Review "The Patriarchy's Greatest Fear".

The Sumerians invented the contract and a type of cylinder-seal that could be rolled into a clay tablet to perform the same function as a notary's seal.

This is an excellent example of a Sumerian cylinder seal. See more examples...

Sumerian cylinder seal

"The fundamental tool through which the patriarchy exercises control is by legally binding each woman, as property, to a man and punishing her for any transgression. We still see today, in some cultures, how women who have been the victims of rape may be legally flogged for ‘sex outside marriage’ and those who dare to have extra-marital sex willingly are judicially murdered in public. There is nothing as important to the patriarchy as the control of women’s ability to create life. Even today in the West, a constant battle must be fought against the repressive forces that try to limit women’s rights over their own reproduction. The appropriation of property rights, by men, over women’s bodies, and the entrenchment of this through law and custom, is the cornerstone of the patriarchy." ~ From Why Men Made God, page 133.

Honour Based Violence Network

"So-called ‘honour’-based violence (HBV) occurs in communities where the concepts of honour and shame are fundamentally bound up with the expected behaviours of families and individuals, particularly those of women." Read more here...

For an in-depth look at the extent of this concept in today's world, visit the Honour Based Violence Awareness Network website.